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We are a DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon RP set a decade after the first movie. Vikings and dragons have been enemies since time began. The tribe of Berk has recently reconciled with the intelligent beasts, but a new problem has arisen in the form of their forgotten neighbors, the Vikrins of Yorin, who actively hunt and overpower dragons, using them as tools for war... and they're quickly becoming a danger to the Berkians, aided by an old foe, the self-proclaimed Dragon God.
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 Site Rules!!, "Mandatory Read"
 Posted: Nov 13 2013, 10:54 AM
Tale 15 posts
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1) This board is rated PG-13. This means violence is allowed without excessive gory descriptions, mild sexual innuendo is permitted but fade-to-black is required, and vulgar language and mild curse words are acceptable within reason and moderation, but must be only used in-character, tactfully and respectfully. In other words, try not to do it just for the sake of doing it.
2) This is an account per character site - that means you create a new account for each character you have. There are no character limits. You may want to have an OOC or master account as well.
3) There is no word count. Post whatever you’re comfortable with.
4) Activity: All accounts that have not been logged into and posted on for two months, without notice, are subject to deletion.
5) Advertising should be kept to the specified forums. However, links and affiliate images to other sites in signatures are permitted.
6) Graphics: Signatures should not stretch the forum and can be subject to removal after a warning is given. Avatars are 250 x 450 pixels.
7) All threads are considered open unless marked otherwise.
8) Be respectful of other players! Bullying, unnecessary arguments, exclusion out of spite, disrespectful behavior, harassment and flaming are bannable offenses without notice or warning.
9) Should conflict arise OOC please contact a staff member (preferably an admin) to help resolve the problem in a satisfying and civilized manner.
10) Please remember to be respectful of plagiarism / content ownership rights when posting quotes, using canon information, using play-bys, art, ideas, code templates, and so on. Permission must be granted from the creator/owner before use on this board.
11) No member may have more than 2 'rare' dragon character accounts to begin with (this includes accounts with a human character that owns a rare dragon played by the same player), and furthermore these 2 dragon accounts may not be the same species. Each character may only own one rare dragon (regardess if they are from Berk, "other" or Yorin). If a player gets a character from level 1 all the way up to 10, however, they are granted a 'reward' and can make any extra rare dragon account of their choice regardless of its rarity or whether its quota has been met or if they already have a rare dragon account with the same species.


1) You must have a character accepted before you can roleplay.
2) The following in-character behaviors are not permitted on We Have Dragons:
  • Godmodding (also known as puppet-mastering; taking control of a character without that player’s permission)
  • Powerplaying (making your character and/or their dragon unrealistically strong or invincible).
  • Metagaming (implementing OOC knowledge to influence in-character decisions and consequences).

3) Please use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. Chatspeak is not permitted in character.
4) Portrayers (play-bys) are optional, but welcome if you wish to use them. All kinds, from celebrities and models to animated/drawn characters, are welcome as long as they are appropriately clothed for a PG-13 site. These will be registered on the play-by forum.
5) Drama and mischief in character is encouraged but please remember that this is in-character only and not to be transferred out of character. Just because someone's character doesn't like your character, doesn't mean they don't like you.
6) Sensitive matters such as abuse, suicide, rape, terminal illness, incest and other things of potential moral conflict must be dealt with tactfully and carefully examined by a staff member before being given the go-ahead.
7) Vikings on Berk and Yorin may only start dragon training when they hit their 13th birthday. They can start any time after that, but they are not to start earlier. However, they may own a 'pet' dragon (Terrible Terror, Smothering Smokebreath or Fireworm) any time beforehand.
8) Each Berk or "Other" character may only have ONE dragon partner overall. If they wish to acquire a different dragon, their existing one must leave or die in a logical manner. They may also own a separate 'pet' dragon(s) which do not count towards a limit
9) Each Yorin character may have as many cattle dragon as their level allows, but these characters are not eligable for the 'pet' dragon rule and may only have as many level 1 dragons as allowed by their level count. To learn more about the level count please see the Levels & Occupations thread.

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