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We are a DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon RP set a decade after the first movie. Vikings and dragons have been enemies since time began. The tribe of Berk has recently reconciled with the intelligent beasts, but a new problem has arisen in the form of their forgotten neighbors, the Vikrins of Yorin, who actively hunt and overpower dragons, using them as tools for war... and they're quickly becoming a danger to the Berkians, aided by an old foe, the self-proclaimed Dragon God.
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 The Plot!!, "Thank You For Summing That Up"
 Posted: Nov 18 2013, 06:47 AM
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A decade has passed since the battle at the Red Death's nest. Hiccup and his friends are now in their mid twenties, having grown up and settled down. Well, as settled as you can get on the island of Berk. And there’s a lot of work to do now; all the Vikings, old and new, have an endless number of things to learn about their new allies in their new lifestyle. Young Vikings are initiated by a selection of their dragon as well as learning their traditional fighting techniques, and older Vikings are finding ways to work together with their former enemies. For the first generation dragon Vikings, there’s plenty to do.

But things have gotten more complicated.

A day’s flight away from Berk past straits that were previously unnavigable, exists a thriving but forgotten tribe that was discovered during one of Hiccup's exploration flights. This island, called Yorin, is home to Vikings (who call themselves Vikrins) that still hunt dragons. The dragons that live near them have not made peace, and like the Vikings of Berk many years ago, this peace is a long time coming. Worse is the fact that they actively trap, hunt and use the dragons' powers and skills to their own ends. They're ruled by a council of mages who harvest dragons for their magical properties, and some new arrivals have started encouraging them to generate a dragon army and conquer surrounding lands. The Vikrins laughed at the Berkians' attempt at reconcile, and have openly declared that if they come again or try to interfere, they and their dragons will be killed.

How will Berk deal with their new neighbors? Many have decided not to bother; Berk has faced plenty of challenges in the past and always come out for the better. But Berk's leaders and their friends are finding it difficult to forget. The Vikrin Wizard council and the Vikrins think that the Berkians are weak, and have been "brainwashed", that they've given in to the whims of dragons and are like slaves. What if they take advantage of their perceived weakness? One wrong move could precipitate a war. What's worse is that the self-proclaimed 'dragon god', Drago Bludvist, sought refuge on Yorin after being overcome in his efforts to vanquish Berk five years earlier, and has been slowly rebuilding his dragon army and recruiting the Vikrins to his way of thinking, all in secrecy.

This is Berk, where the upsides are the pets: their dragons will protect them against the armies and armadas that seek to overcome them. This is Yorin, where dragons' powers are taken through violence and death and the newest villain on the scene is trying to gain the upper hand. Wherever your character may reside, dragons are an indispensable aspect of their culture. What's certain is that you need dragons to fight dragons, and the way of peace is clashing with the way of domination and control. Welcome to We Have Dragons.

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