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We are a DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon RP set a decade after the first movie. Vikings and dragons have been enemies since time began. The tribe of Berk has recently reconciled with the intelligent beasts, but a new problem has arisen in the form of their forgotten neighbors, the Vikrins of Yorin, who actively hunt and overpower dragons, using them as tools for war... and they're quickly becoming a danger to the Berkians, aided by an old foe, the self-proclaimed Dragon God.
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 Frequently Asked Questions!!, "Questioning Your Teaching Methods..."
 Posted: Nov 18 2013, 06:54 AM
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If you aren't sure about something after reading over our information, please check here in case your question has been answered! If it hasn't, feel free to personal message a staff member, ask in our Cbox, or post in our guest-friendly Help Desk!

Q: Where's the Cbox and site info? I can't find it!! Do you have a sidebar?
A: You probably have overlooked our sidebar! It's on the very left-hand side of our forum and marked by a decorative scroll. Click it to toggle back and forth, and you can also click between the separate tabs, each of which contains different information. If you're having trouble actually bringing it up - i.e. clicking on it doesn't work - please contact a staff member.

Q: Do I need to have watched How to Train Your Dragon in order to join?
A: Nope! While it's recommended you do, it's not required! Our setting and premise is very easy to understand. Basically, we have dragons. And a couple of islands somewhere near Iceland/Norse territory/Scotland, occupied by vikings with medieval-type technology. And did we mention we have dragons?

Q: Your plot is ahead of both HTTYD 2 and HTTYD 3 -- What does this mean?
A: Relax -- we're going to take into account the plotlines of both of these movies, and incorporate new canons, settings and dragons, when the time comes. We've already done so for HTTYD 2. We Have Dragons was originally drafted and made before we had any inkling of what the sequels would be like, so we tried to steer ahead of them while allowing plenty of room for adaptation when it'll be needed.

Q: Are you a stat-based board?
A: In part, but we are also very freeform. We've designated each dragon species a trainability level, and characters must level up IC by completing a certain amount of threads and posts and then answering a quiz. This is just to keep things as fair as possible where dragon numbers and rare species are concerned; otherwise we'd have too many people apping for a rare, powerful dragon straight away. We want you all to work for it and ensure that your character has enough justifiable experience to work with certain dragons or have certain occupations. Also, the "statistics" section for each dragon in our Book of Dragons - don't worry about that! That's just a cute little touch we've carried over from the official information provided by Dreamworks.

Q: Do you have subaccounts here?
A: Yes, we have them enabled. You will choose a 'parent' account (e.g. it can be your OOC/member account or your first character), and all subsequent accounts you make can be linked to it by going into 'Edit Subaccounts' in your control panel. This way, you can easily switch between them and never have to manually log out and in all the time.

Q: Is doHTML enabled?
A: Yes, it is, but it is not the focus. You are welcome to use it wherever you like, but please be aware that it doesn't make a difference if it is not used; you won't be treated any differently over an aesthetic difference.

Q: What application options do you have?
A: We have both a traditional template and a freeform template. Use whichever one you prefer!

Q: What do I register as?
A: We recommend that you register first with your OOC name / alias. However, this is optional, and you can go ahead and register as your first character, full name and/or first + last, with standard capitalisation.

Q: What play-by options are available?
A: Any and all! They're not required, but if used, may be real people (known figures such as celebrities and models), animated people (i.e. from cartoons, animated movies, video games and anime) or art (your own, or someone else's work obtained and used with express permission).

Q: What sort of characters go into the 'Other' group?
A: Characters who are not native to Berk or Yorin, which are our two main settings. Therefore, tourists, travellers, merchants, and that sort of character will be placed in 'Other'.

Q: What kind of character can I play?
A: Our in-character usergroups are the Vikings of Berk, the Vikrin of Yorin, Dragons, and Other. These are all fairly self-explanatory. The Vikings of Berk are humans who live on Berk, and customarily train and befriend dragons (depending on their experience, they may own one or two dragons of their own). The Vikrins of Yorin live on Yorin which is day's flight away from Berk, and they hunt dragons. You can play a wild dragon as well. And any character who doesn't fit into these groups - mostly humans who are not native to Berk - goes into 'Other'.

Q: Can I play a character from another fandom - i.e. cross them over into this one?
A: For the time being, this will not be permitted. However, after you join, you're welcome to play all sorts of canons to your heart's content in our Crossover & AU Box, no application required!

Q: Can I have a character who lies somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum?
A: Yes, yes and yes. Characters of diverse sexual and gender identities are welcomed with open arms here.

Q: Can I play a canon?
A: Yep! Our canon list is here. Just the major movie canons are available. Dragons are played in tandem with their human owner (for example, if you took Astrid, you would play Stormfly from her account as well).

Q: How many dragons can my character own?
A: Your character my only have 1 dragon partner, this is usually a dragon they can fly with and the one they are most bonded to. You character may, however, have as many "pet dragons" as they would like. These "pet dragons" are small, easily trained, (i.e Terrible Terrors, Smoldering Smokebreaths, Fire Worms.) dragons that even characters bellow the age of 13 may posses.

Q: What sort of dragon can my character own?
A: All of the main dragon species that we currently know of are available for play here. If you're playing them as a wild/lone dragon, there are no requirements and you can apply for them straightaway. However, characters can only be applied for at a maximum of Level 5, and therefore they are restricted on what sort of dragon they can own from the get-go. Once they level up, though, they can acquire a dragon that's harder to train. This depends on the dragon's trainability level, mentioned for each species in the Book of Dragons. For example, the Night Fury has a Trainability level of 5, so only Level 9 or 10 Vikings can train one. A Gronckle, on the other hand, has a Trainability of 2, so any Viking at Level 3 or above can train one.

Q: Can I play a Berk Viking who hates dragons, or a Vikrin of Yorin who loves them?
A: For the time being, Yorin 'turncoats' - that is, Vikrins who sympathise with dragons to the point of wanting to leave their home island for them - are not allowed, as we have enough. Any other characters don't have to be limited to their islands' culture; just keep in mind the backlash that they would receive if they were vocal about their opinions. Remember how Hiccup was treated when his father found out he'd befriended a dragon? However, keep in mind that if everyone played a dragon-hater on Berk and a dragon-lover on Yorin, we might as well just switch the islands around. We all love dragons, and we'd all love to make Yorin's Hiccup 2.0, but without haters there is no drama and without drama there is no story conflict.

Q: Can I advertise other RPGs in the Cbox or in my signature?
A: Not in the Cbox, but you are welcome to place discreet and tasteful site links and banners in your signature. Guests and members can also, as always, post site ads in our Advertisement area. Please remember that this is a PG - PG13 site and any advertisements in your signature must comply to this standard. M or R rated sites can be advertised in the advertisement section but must be marked in the title as such.

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